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A happy birthday to me, a happy birthday to me….

Today marks the 9th anniversary of my 20th birthday!  Anyone who knows me, knows that I celebrate my birthday  month, not just the day.  I absolutely LOVE bdays.  I blame my mom for this, she went ALL out every year for my bros and me.  We had the choice of staying home from school, and she would make us whatever we wanted for dinner (mmm enchiladas!)  Our cakes always looked like works of art and she threw the best parties!  Yes, I was spoiled and loved every minute of my special day:)

Here is a pic of me at age 1 with my mama.  And before anyone asks, no, that is not a wig.  Gotta love Hello Kitty!


March 22, 2010 - 3:09 pm

LanaB - Happy birthday to you!!!

And yes, the first thing I noticed was your hair! AWESOME!!!

March 22, 2010 - 3:44 pm

Isabel - My sweet Lizette! 29 already, and by looking at this picture it seems like yesterday. Thank you for your kind words and for the opportunity to see your beautiful baby face. I’m so proud of you!!!

besos Mama

Til this day I still haven’t seen any other baby with that much hair.

March 22, 2010 - 3:57 pm

Candace Hartle - Happy Birthday Lizette. Funny my bday theme last month was the 10th anniversary of my 30th birthday. Lol
Have a great birthday. 29 was one of favs!

ps love the hair and I thought the lady was you
your mama is beautiful :)

March 22, 2010 - 5:49 pm

Crystal - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Lizette!! Your hair always rocks, now I see it started from the beginning! xoxoxoxo

March 22, 2010 - 8:17 pm

Jess - Happy Birthday Lizette! You were such a cute baby with all that hair! Hope you had a great day!

March 23, 2010 - 8:58 am

Carol - Oh! A day late!!
Hope you had a great day!
That is some killer hair and you look so much like your mama…gorgeous!!

March 23, 2010 - 2:33 pm

Christina - Happy Belated Birthday! You were so adorable back then (and still gorgeous now) — and that hair, awesome!

March 25, 2010 - 5:02 pm

Lisa - You did have the best birthday parties…happy belated! Plus you had a horse and a school bus to play on!

April 3, 2010 - 6:13 am

Bree - happy belated birthday you cute little thing! love that picture!!

April 15, 2010 - 8:36 pm

Emily - Love the picture!!! You had sooooo much hair!!

August 14, 2012 - 10:00 am

malakai - aww look so cute waving

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