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Monthly Archives: February 2010

{just for her} winnipeg photographer

Alright Christine, it’s your turn.  Here are a few sneak peeks from your session.View full post »

{his 2 greatest loves} winnipeg photographer

It’s really funny how almost every guys HATES photo shoots.  I haven’t pin pointed exactly what it isView full post »

{LOVE-ing this family} winnipeg family photographer

I am Love-ing this family.  These boys a had a ton of energy.  Good thing dad built them an ice rink in theView full post »

{“that” family} winnipeg child photographer

We are officially “that” family.  You know, the family that has that one weird kid that everyone talksView full post »

{rough start} winnipeg newborn photographer

This little guy had a rough start.  Not only was he born the day of a huge storm, but he injured his poor shoulderView full post »

{got my hubby back} winnipeg photographer

I finally got my hubby back!  He went on a boys snowboarding trip to the mountains of Alberta.  I’m sureView full post »

{an anecdote} winnipeg photographer

There is a story about a woman who went to Pablo Picasso and asked to get her portrait painted. He says, no problem, sitView full post »

{heart strings} winnipeg newborn photographer

The 2nd picture pulled at my heart strings, and I melted as soon as I snapped the pic.  Capturing a moment like thisView full post »

{it’s a Canadian thing} winnipeg child photographer

Rocco’s hockey is nearing the end of the season.  I’ve actually enjoyed being a hockey mom more than IView full post »

{monkeying around} winnipeg child photographer

We got off to a rough start with “D.”  Well, I can’t really blame him,  if I just woke up andView full post »